Ahmed Kazzaz – Chairman at ASK Group of Companies

Ahmed Kazzaz – Chairman at ASK Group of Companies – Iraq International Trade and Development

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ASK Group Of Companies established in Iraq in 1991 specializes in the following activties of business in Iraq:

Financial Links:
import, wholesale, retail and distribution of luxury high end internationally well known brands.
15 years exclsuive contract with Civil Aviation Authority – Ministry of Transportation – Iraq under “Iraq Duty Free” as the exclsuive duty free concessionaire since 2004 of all Iraqi international airports.
Chain of nationwide retail hardware stores “True Value” .
Luxury fashion brands retail outlets are being established nationwide under “Financial Links”.

Establishment of an 75,000m2 investment area for business catered to international companies wishing to establish a presence in Baghdad which is close proximity to the international airport in clustered within the safe enviroment of Victory Base Complex.
Large portfolio of heavy equipment for rental with operators and maintenance (optional), steel welding and fabrication, repairs of kinds of machines and equipment undertaken.
Castle Security:
Minister of Interior approved licenced security company able to carry out any type of mission including VIP PSD and convoy missions all around Iraq with proven track record and an established list of internationally wel known companies as clients.

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ASK Group of Companies

Our Management –

Ahmed Kazzaz

Chairman at ASK Group of Companies – Iraq International Trade and Development

ASK Group of Companies is run by experienced, efficient and proactive management team. Majority of our managers has a long term relation with the group.
Our group policy is to promote from within the group instead of taking from outside. Employee turn out ratio is nearly zero because of the friendly atmosphere.
Back Office Operations
The operations of an enterprise like ASK Group of Companies depend upon a strong back office team. Our back office operations include Purchasing, Logistic, Marketing, IT, HR, Customer Service, Accounting, Finance & Auditing.
Sales Force
To run duty free operations, retail stores and web sales, we have a large sales force. Our sales people are bilinguals which help us in doing business in multinational culture. Our sales force is trained on regular basis to increase sales and levels of customer care.